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Angels In Our Territory
Angels In Our Territory
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Overview of “Angels in our Territory”

The concept of taking territory is a prominent one in Scripture. God gave Israel a “land flowing with milk and honey”. He assigned that particular part of the planet to them as a people. But they had to take it, occupy it and cultivate it, because, since Adam’s rebellion, the earth was now in hostile hands. It would require a battle, much sweat, hard work and determination to lay hold of all that God had promised them.

The analogy of Israel taking their physical territory is used in the New Testament as a picture of followers of Christ advancing the kingdom of God in every aspect of human society. Working together with God in a hostile environment, we defeat the usurper, liberate the captives, transform lives and society till the “earth is filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea”.

Each of us has a part to play in this great drama which is being enacted in human history. We find our life purpose, fulfilment, and satisfaction when we each take the territory assigned to us, and advance the influence of the kingdom of God within our sphere of influence. We have an exciting mission to fulfil! This is what we exist for and what makes us tick. Fulfilling this mission aligns us with our Maker’s design. 

When God gives us a territory to take he also sends an angel to lead, guide,
and protect us, and to help us to deal with the enemies that oppose us. This
book is about the discovery of this reality - about angels assigned to help us to take our territory. The challenges that face us may be many, but with the help of God and his ministering angels we can all make a difference in our world and find great joy in the process.

*€10 + €5  Packing and postage

“Angels in our Territory” is both a timely and necessary contribution to the study of angels and their positive role in advancing God's kingdom in the world. Graeme presents a thoroughly biblical argument rooted in sound ministry experience of how angels are working with and on behalf of the people of God in bringing His rule and will to this earth.

This book is written in a clear easy to read style and once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. It is both inspiring and encouraging and I would strongly recommend this resource to every believer who is seeking for spiritual breakthrough in their sphere of work and ministry.’ John McEvoy | Director of Elim Ministries Ireland.

*€10 + €5  Packing and postage
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What people have to say about this new book

“This is a highly original book, scriptural and well argued. An eye opening comment on the link between Christian responsibility to share the gospel and the ministry of angels serving the great purposes of God. Highly recommended.” Stuart Bell Senior Pastor of Alive Church and leader of the Ground Level Network — UK  

“Graeme has that wonderful gift of being real without being boring and being exciting without being extreme. Through this book he has brought us clear biblical teaching on this subject interlaced with real life accounts from his own journey” Robert and Rosemary  McAuley Inspire Ministries — Ireland

“This book absolutely captivated me. I felt I entered in a zone of download from heaven! I am completely impressed! The church needs this book right now.” Alain Caron Hodos Network, — Canada

“‘Graeme’s belief in the important ministry of angels is compelling and will bring fresh insights. In many ways this is a “behind-the-scenes” look to where the action really is.’ Bishop Ken Clarke Church of Ireland (Anglican Communion) — Ireland



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