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We can help!

There are times in one’s life when a listening ear is needed;  when it would be helpful to speak to someone with the skills to hear at a deep level the issues that concern us.


The counselling service aims to help in a friendly, courteous, respectful and professional manner.  Through empathic listening skills, counsellees are helped to find their own solutions to issues. We believe that where problems have affected clients ‘body, soul or spirit’ we can offer holistic and appropriate help.

A Christian ethos serving all denominations and those without faith in the community.

Affordable cost per session, with a sliding scale payment structure where the need arises

Covering a wide range of issues within the limits of lay counselling.

Our Counsellors

Resting on Grass

Suicide Awareness

 See our resources page for information and support literature for those who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Help is at Hand.




Hope Trust has been helping many people to find meaning in life.


Here are some Stories of Hope!



I choose to • Stop a hurtful rumour either online or offline whenever I can • Tell an adult when I know of a plan to single out, harass or start a fight in our school / community / work • Not be a bullying bystander – when I know of bullying I will take action and tell someone • Be supportive to a vulnerable person

A Supportive Hug



Counselling can help you to improve your Emotional Health and Wellbeing.

You are worthy! You do not have to carry guilt or shame!

You can find out the purpose of life and the importance of healthy connection.

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