I choose to ...

  • Stop a hurtful rumour either online or offline whenever I can.

  • Tell an adult when I know of a plan to single out, harass or start a fight in our school/community/work.

  • Not be a bullying bystander – when I know of bullying I will take action and tell someone.

  •  Be supportive to a vulnerable person


I promise to ...

  • Respect all people and their belongings.

  • Always treat others the way I want to be treated.

  • Choose not to abuse power with someone who is weaker than me.

Teen study group
Support Group Session

Support Groups

We have completed three separate bereavement support groups to assist those who have had difficulty expressing or reconciling their losses or have felt the need to talk and receive support from others.

These have been beneficial to those attending.  We hope to resume support groups when it is deemed safe to do so.

candle lit walkers.jpg

Candle light Vigil






Hope Trust invite you to light a candle in your window on 31st October as a beacon of light and hope in the darkness. 

Pray for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and to Covid. That they would be comforted and find consolation in God who is close to the broken hearted.


Also pray for those who are discouraged to be touched by God and be able to embrace the Spirit of Life that He offers us - to know that Jesus came to conquer the hopelessness of death and to bring new life through acceptance of his gift of salvation and redemption.


That they may know His presence at this time.

Dream with us!

Perhaps you have felt lonely in the midst of a crowd of people?

Perhaps you have wondered if everyone else knows something that you cant understand?

Perhaps you have felt like a misfit in society and that no-one cares?



The Door​

HOPE Community seeks to create a 'community within the community'.  A place of belonging where those who feel out of connection with others can come to contribute and receive friendship and in doing so address isolation and loneliness.

When our vision is realised we hope to have the facilities for young people to learn how to write poetry and songs and express themselves. We would love to encourage different activities for all age groups where there can be community participation.  This may include self-help talks, support groups, craft activities, English lessons for foreigners;  all with a strong support base from different community and church members.

This is a proposed project that we hope to be able to either start, or inspire others to start. Hope with us that we will be able to realise this dream of ours - to have an open door in the community but mostly that lonely people would find a wholesome place of belonging. 

"There I will give back her vineyards to her and transform her Valley of Troubles into a Door of Hope. She will respond to me there, singing with joy as in days long ago in her youth"                                                                                  Hosea 2:15


HOPE TRUST - Registered Irish Charity CHY16931 in 2005