Do you know how to support someone who needs help?

Hope Trust offer a series of four one day workshops aimed at equipping Christians with basic practical skills to understand, relate and respond to people and promote good mental health.


They will know we are Christians by our love and through sharing the compassion of Christ


Relating and responding to others 

  • Developing skills to help in listening and responding to others by examining your motivations, prejudices and levels of compassion

  • Listening and responding more effectively through active listening to oneself, others and God


Developing healthy caring patterns 

  • Developing healthy caring patterns through understanding boundaries, dependencies and our own patterns of behaviour 

  • How to develop safe support systems, particularly in a church setting or when relating to wounded people.


Responding to those affected by suicide or self harm 

  • Understanding what triggers this response.  How does one walk alongside someone who is struggling?​

  • Some possible keys to recognising when someone is at risk and then managing a crisis situation

  • What is supportive behaviour that helps build hope in families affected?


Dealing with anger, conflict and bullying 

  • Understanding and channelling the emotion of anger in a non-destructive way ​

  • Some keys to assist in conflict resolution.

  • Power imbalance and communicating support to those affected by bullying and intimidation

Meet Our Trainers 

linda rowett.JPG

Linda Rowett

ray clarke.jpg

Ray Clarke

stephen bradley b&w.jpg

Dr. Stephen Bradley

HOPE TRUST - Registered Irish Charity CHY16931 in 2005