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Graeme Wylie

Graeme is the Founder and a Director of Hope Trust.

He was actively involved as a counsellor for the first 8 years of the Trust's existence.


Shortly after Graeme was accredited as a counsellor he saw a newspaper headline which announced, ‘9 Suicides in 9 weeks in Roscommon.’ This stirred him to do some research into suicide and subsequently to launch ‘Choose Life’ in an effort to raise coping with thoughts of suicide, self-harm or depression. These DVDs have been ordered by over 300 secondary schools around the country, mainly for use in religion and SPHE classes.


Graeme has written a booklet, ‘Making Sense of Life, when it hurts’, for young people struggling to cope with their inner pain and find a meaningful purpose to life. He has also written and produced ‘Journey to Wellness’ – a guide to spiritual health, which tells the stories of some people who were suicidal but have found an alternative way through their problems to a life that is worth living. More recently he has authored and published two books called "Angels in Our Terriority", God's messengers to help us and "But God sent an Angel".

Graeme is happily married to Frances and is living in Toulouse, France.  He remains a Director of Hope Trust as well as Harvest France and is actively involved in prayer, discipling and teaching in the Occitanie region.


They have four grown-up children and five grandchildren.

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